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Class # 2 Youth Police Academy

The Bergenfield Police Department's Youth Police Academy Class #2 is underway this week. The cadets, who range from grades 6 through 8, are progressing nicely through their training which consists of physical fitness, nutrition, marching, commands, teamwork, first-aid and CPR, criminal law, motor vehicle laws, social media and internet safety and leadership skills. In addition, the cadets have taken a field trip to the US Coast station on Staten Island and learned the important role that coast guardsmen play in law enforcement and sea/water rescue. Two more trips are planned for the Army base at Fort Dix and the Air Marshals. It's only half way through but there are no quitters yet. Every cadet is determined to complete their training and become a better student, son, daughter, brother, sister, friend and citizen. Good Luck Class #2. Finish strong!!

Class motto:  Respect, Discipline and Commitment


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