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The Juvenile Bureau of the Bergenfield Police Department functions for and is committed to the development and perpetuation of programs designed to prevent and control juvenile delinquency.  The Juvenile Bureau function not only focuses on those juveniles who commit offenses or whose behavior requires a police response, but through other community policing programs that provide a means for interaction with juveniles in the community who would not otherwise have contact with members of the department. The responsibility for carrying out the juvenile bureau function will be assigned to the Detective Bureau.

The detectives of Juvenile Bureau maintain a strong relationship with the schools of Bergenfield and are in communication with administrators,  principals, student assistant counselors, and Outreach service workers to make sure referrals are made to the appropriate source of help and guidance to assist those students, and other youths, of this community, when counseling services are needed.

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Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Program
The goal of this program is to significantly reduce/ eliminate the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and the use of violent behavior by young people. This is accomplished by having a DARE certified and trained Police Officer meet with each fifth grade class ofevery elementary school once a week for 10 weeks to review specific topics from a prepared curriculum in order to learn strategies to avoid the above vices.

Dangerous Stranger Program
The major goal of this program is to teach younger children how to identify and avoid strangers. Minor goals include introducing a Police Officer to children, describing a Police Officer's role in the community and previewing some equipment he/ she would use in the performance of his! her duties. This all is accomplished by having a trained Police Officer meet with each kindergarten and prekindergarten class one time to discuss the above topics. A talking Police Officer puppet assists in the learning process. This program also touches on firearms and Halloween safety.

Fourth Grade Program/Visiting Officer Program
The goal of this program is to introduce a Police Officer to children in a friendly atmosphere so that a rapport is established and that children are not afraid of Police Officers. This is accomplished by having the same Police Officer meet 3 times during the school year with students from each fourth grade class of every elementary school. During the first experience, the Police Officer explains his/ her role in the community and previews some of his/ her equipment, while answering any of the students' questions. During the second experience, the Police Officer talks about current troubled youth issues in the community, such as graffiti, bullying or criminal mischief problems. During the third experience, the Police Officer plays kickball and shares a snack with the students in order to show a softer/ more human side of the Police Officer.

Helping Hand Program
The goal ofthis program is to provide at least one house on each block to serve as a place where children can seek assistance in their time of need while walking to or from school. Situations could include being accosted by a stranger, being attacked by an unruly, unleashed dog, being bullied by other children, or sudden illness or injury. The goal is accomplished by requesting volunteer stay-at-home parents to participate through their child's school. Once an application is received, a background check is performed on the volunteer by the Police Department. If a parent qualifies, they are supplied with a dated and colored "Helping Hand" sign for placement in the front window of their home and they are advised to call the Police Department or the child's school for assistance if needed. Each classroom of every school has a matching sign and students are explained the program theory.

High School Driving while Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (DUI) Program
The goal of this program is to teach High School sophomores, juniors and seniors, who are driving or about to drive, on the dangers affiliated with drinking alcohol or taking drugs and driving. The goal is accomplished in several stages. One stage involves Police Officers lecturing at Driver's Education classes for sophomore students. Another stage involves Police Officers lecturing and having junior and senior students participate in performing field sobriety tests while wearing "Fatal Vision Goggles" that simulate an intoxicated state. A final stage includes a simulated drunk driving accident with injuries and arrests performed live action before junior and senior students. This stage alternates every other year with a new program involving senior students driving a golf cart on a designed course while wearing "Fatal Vision Goggles" that simulate an intoxicated state.

Ident-A-Kit Juvenile Fingerprint Program
The goal of this program is to allow parents to receive and store their child's fingerprints in case of a potential future emergency situation. This is accomplished by having Bergenfield Police Department members assist Parent Association volunteers with the fingerprinting process of all kindergarten and new students of each elementary school, then the cards are returned to the parents through their child. The Police Department does not retain any of the fingerprints!

Just Say No Youth Power Club Lectures
The goal of this program is to have Police Officers meet with each elementary school's fifth grade classes in a less structured atmosphere in order to confine the avoidance of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. This program is also supported by the Bergenfield Substance Awareness Alliance Committee (BSAAC), who supplies assorted lecturers in support ofthe program goal.

Drug Free School Zone / State Narcotics Action Plan (SNAP) Program
The goal of this program is to have Police Officers patrol around and walk through their sector schools and the Library in order to recognize and act on possible trouble situations before they ignite. This is performed throughout the school day, at dismissal time and during special evening and weekend events such as dances, parents' nights, concerts and sporting events, etc.

Cops In School Program (CISP)
The goal of this program is to have Police Officers perform the same duties as in the SNAP Program above, but have contact with the School Security Officers and Counselors who then work together on impending trouble situations. This is performed at the Bergenfield High School and the Roy W. Brown Middle School and continues on the SNAP Program at these higher level schools.


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