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Hit & Run Investigation

On Wednesday, August 13, 2014, at approximately 06:20 am, a female pedestrian

was struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the above intersection.

The vehicle involved subsequently fled the scene.  The victim was identified

as Maria Cano, age 60, of Teaneck, New Jersey. She sustained serious injuries

and was transported to Hackensack University Medical Center by

Bergenfield Volunteer Ambulance emergency medical technicians

and hospital paramedics for treatment of her injuries. The Bergenfield Police

Department, along with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, is seeking

assistance in locating the vehicle involved in this crash.The vehicle involved

has now been identified as a silver or white, late model Mercedes Benz

SUV, possibly a model ML 350, 450 or 550. This vehicle may have sustained

damage from the impact in the area of the front passenger side headlamp,

bumper or fender. The vehicle was initially traveling eastbound on W. Clinton Ave

prior to the impact with the pedestrian which occurred in the intersection of

S. Washington Ave and E. Clinton Ave.  After the impact the vehicle

continued eastbound on E. Clinton Avenue towards Tenafly.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Bergenfield Police

at 201-387-4000. The case investigator is Det. Richard Ramos. Case # 14-24296



Traffic: Weekly area Road Projects
09/26-10/5 24/7 United Water New Bridge/Windsor Bridge work
Fraud Scam Information

Distraction/Imposter burglary-theft Alert: Incident occurred in nearby Paramus. Be aware of these type of crimes. Click here for article from Northjersey.com

Residents are reminded to be wary of any type of emails, letters, or phone calls from persons not known to you that involves you sending money via Western Union to other locations or addresses, especially international addresses. Scams have occurred whereby the caller or emailer will send you a check for a certain amount of money, asking you to deposit it to your own account then to Western Union monies to them based on that check. Those checks sent to you are fraudulent. You will not realize it until your bank contacts you about that check not being valid.

Other scams, one of which is being investigated presently, involve a resident accepting delivery of packages after receiving a call from a person who requested the parcels be sent to this resident. In turn, the resident would re-package the items and send them to another overseas address. In return for the favor of sending the packages the resident was promised a monetary payment. These parcels were all purchased with stolen credit card numbers.

A scam that has recently been attempted in the Bergen County area involves the "Grandparent" scam. A caller has made multiple calls to elderly victims claiming to be a grandson who has been arrested for DWI in Los Angeles and/or New York City. The scammer attempts to get the victim to wire money to bail him out of jail.

There are numerous scams, frauds and cons perpetrated each day on unsuspecting citizens. These occur here in Bergenfield too. The Bergenfield Police request residents to be aware of the frauds and to watch out for their elderly friends and neighbors too. Senior citizens are often easy targets for the scammers. Speak to your neighbors and make them aware.

Some complaints have been received regarding phone telemarketers soliciting for donations to police organizations. Many of the organizations are legitimate but are not soliciting on behalf of the local police organizations, such as Bergenfield PBA Local 309. If in doubt contact the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs to verify whether the solicitor is registered. If you have a complaint against the solicitor, also lodge that complaint with the Division of Consumer Affairs. See link below for more information.

Websites with useful information on scams and frauds:

Click on any one of the below agencies to link to information

NJ Division of Consumer Affairs *When arriving at this site go to bottom of page to search, type the word "police". This will show the registered charitable police organizations within the State of NJ.


NABI (National Association of Bunco Investigators)

Bergenfield PD is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

The Bergenfield Police Department is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. "Like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for messages regarding events, crime trends, traffic and crime alerts and other police-related information.


Tips for Crime Prevention

Never leave your keys in your car.
tip1The majority of car thefts in the borough are the result of people leaving their keys in the car.
Use motion sensors and timers to keep would-be burglars guessing.
tip2Whether away for the day, or on vacation for one or more weeks, make your home look occupied. Vary the timers throughout the house.
Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the country.
tip 3Do not leave mail in your mailbox for an extended period of time. When possible, shred your credit card statements, unsolicited credit card applications etc. before placing them in the trash.

Information regarding suspicious incidents in Bergenfield

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The Bergenfield Police Department is releasing this information to keep our residents informed of suspicious incidents that were reported to us as “lurings” and have parents and children concerned for their safety. We want our residents to know that every incident is thoroughly investigated and taken seriously. I refer to these incidents as “suspicious” because the majority reported do not have the elements of the offense of Luring (NJSA 2C:13-6). 

See the link below for additional legal information.

If the elements are not present as reported by the complainant, victim or witness, BPD officers will still investigate and turn the matter over to the detective bureau for follow up. Many cases have been resolved, whereby the matter was not a luring incident, but rather a motorist attempting to ask directions or in some cases, the report was fabricated by the juvenile victim/complainant. I emphasize that every case is fully investigated and when facts of the case meet the elements of the offense, the detectives waste no time in getting the information out via a media release and using our social media communication tools. 
Detectives also contact school authorities in an effort to inform as many people as possible and allow school officials to also disseminate information about the incident or incidents. In some cases that are suspicious and the motive is unknown, notifications will still be sent out seeking information so the matter can be properly investigated. Detectives also work in conjunction with surrounding police agencies and the Prosecutor’s Office to compare cases looking for any similarities. 

At this time, there have been cases reported in Bergen County, but there are no similarities in person or vehicle descriptions. Even though no similarities exist yet, the BPD requests residents to remain vigilant in their neighborhoods and when driving about the borough. If you see something suspicious or your child reports something suspicious, please contact the BPD to report it. We will investigate as I stated above. The police department does not want to alarm the community that a “child lurer” is about when no facts exist or can be corroborated. We do want people to trust that we will inform them when suspicious incidents occur and we will be quick to release information when an incident is confirmed. 

Our recent suspicious incidents are posted on our website at http://www.bergenfieldpd.org/

We have articles and media releases also posted on our blog at http://bergenfieldnjpd.blogspot.com/.

Below is great information as taken from a recent NIXLE alert sent by our neighboring township, Teaneck. I share these bullets with you as they are great tips to teach and follow:

  • Parents are also urged to speak to their children about their safety whether they are in a vehicle or on foot.

  • Teach your child, when s/he is outside, to always walk with at least one other person. Groups of more than two are better.

  • When your child is outside the house, do not allow him or her to wear clothing or a backpack or other articles with his/her name visible on it. Children are more likely to trust someone who calls them by name.

  • Teach your child to stay more than an adult arm’s length away from any car that is occupied by a person trying to talk to him/her, so that they cannot be reached by the person inside the car.

  • Teach your child if someone encourages him or her to get into a car, to help find a lost pet, or to leave with them for any reason, s/he should yell “NO” as loudly as possible and run to the  closest adult whom they know and trust. Yelling "No," also called the POWER NO, indicates your child has been prepared for the situation.

  • Teach your child to run in the opposite direction from the one the car is facing. It is harder to drive in reverse than straight ahead.

  • Teach your child their full name, address and if, there is one, the “best” phone number (including area code) to call in case of an emergency. If you make it into a song, younger children may be more likely to remember it. If no phone number is reliable, teach your child to call 911 for help.

  • Teach your older child to pay attention to the color and make of the vehicle and/or its license information (state and number), the physical characteristics of the person(s), and where s/he was when approached. Suggest that this information be written down as soon as it can be done safely.

  • Remind your child to call 911 to report any attempted luring.

  • Make a daily note of the clothing your child is wearing just in case you need to provide that information later. Also keep a current school picture, or other recent photograph of your child available.

"The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence." - Robert Peel

Thank you for being part of the efforts to keep our community safe. Be a crime stopper and report crimes and suspicious activity.

Please note, Tri-Community Crime Stoppers is now on Facebook.
You can also find BPD on Twitter, Facebook and receive notifications from us by signing up for Nixle.


Michael T. Carr

Chief of Police

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No Overnight Parking

Residents and visitors are reminded that there is NO Overnight Parking on borough streets from 2am to 5am, seven days a week.

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BPD receives its 3rd accreditation. See article here

FBI Child ID: Click here

Chief's Message

Welcome to the official website of the Bergenfield Police Department. I encourage you to peruse the information listed here regarding our services, programs and crime updates. Also available are contacts with phone numbers and email addresses so you are able to contact us or be directed to the appropriate Division. Additionally, I encourage our residents to sign up for our NIXLE messages, follow us on TWITTER@bergenfieldnjpd and “like” us on FACEBOOK for the most up-to-date information on community news, road closures or conditions and emergency alerts.

Our mission as a department is to serve and protect the public – including all residential, commercial and visiting neighbors of Bergenfield. The men and women of our department – both sworn and civilian – are dedicated to protecting the life and property of all of our residents, while also keeping order, resolving conflict and investigating and charging those in violation of the law.

As a Bergenfield police officer for more than 25 years, I have seen many changes in this line of work, particularly in technology. Today, we are able to utilize technology to analyze and store crime data and statistics in a way we never could before. The records management systems we operate today allow us to retrieve data quickly and be able to analyze issues and be proactive in addressing them.

I am dedicated to continuing to advance our department, technologically, while being mindful of budgetary constraints plaguing local municipalities today.

As chief of police, I have continued the work of all previous police administrations and maintain the forward motion of this force. I am also dedicated to ensuring the integrity of this department.

The men and women of our department continue to keep our community safe and maintain a low crime rate – for which they are to be commended. Public safety has always been at the heart of our mission as a police department and that is something that will never change.

Chief Michael T. Carr

Bergenfield Police Department



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Quick Facts

The Bergenfield Police Dept has:

  • 45 sworn Police Officers
  • 8 civilian Telecommunicators/9-1-1 Dispatchers
  • 3 civilian Records Bureau employees

Examinations for employment are conducted through the New Jersey Civil Service Commission.

click here for link

***For Uniform Crime Report for 2013 go to the following link: click here

UCR Current Data for 2014 : Click here

In 2013, the Police Department responded to 30,050 Calls for Service (CFS):

  • Non Criminal Incidents 15894
  • other incidents 5268
  • Arrests: warrants, criminal, juvenile, other 195
  • Missing Person/Runaway reports 16 *Missing returned 16
  • Fraud/Identity Theft 105
  • Criminal Mischief 28
  • Domestic Violence 76
  • Motor Vehicle Crashes 797
  • Medical Cases 1576
  • Alarms 833
  • Fire Reports/Assists  541
  • Bank Escorts 217

***The above statistics show a general breakdown of the various calls for service. Police responses and other duties or responsibilities that occur, or are handled during the year, vary in their classification. The official crime index is handled through the New Jersey State Police / FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and is available for 2013 at this time. The UCR statistics for 2014 are not available at this time. Click the current data link to receive data current data from 2014

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