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DWI Education for High School

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On October 1st and 2nd, Lt. Mustafa Rabboh presented the Bergenfield Police Department's DWI Educational Program to Bergenfield High School students. Lt. Rabboh reported the following about the class:

"The two days for the DWI course consisted of: Day 1- We had the students go outside where they were broken into two groups.  One group consisted of one student driving a golf cart while another student sat as the passenger. Both students wore a set of goggles called "Fatal Vision Goggles" that simulated a .10 BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) reading. They each took a turn as a driver and a passenger where they had to maneuver the golf cart through a driving course set up using [traffic] cones.  The other group was taken to the side and educated on what we [the police] look for prior to a motor vehicle stop, leading up to the arrest process for DWI.  They were then given the DWI goggles and were instructed to perform field sobriety tests. Once completed, all students got the chance to experience both facets of the class. Day 2- consisted solely of classroom lecture and DWI footage/videos. I spoke about the effects of alcohol and the consequences of getting arrested, the court room process, fines, etc. We talked about the factors that contribute to the BAC reading, tolerance levels, Alcotest Machine and so forth. I showed them real footage of a DWI [crash] victim, which was very graphic, and afterwards discussed the case."

Lt. Rabboh reported that usually the first day is the lecture/video part and Day 2 is the driving simulation. Due to the weather conditions on Day 1 he chose to switch the learning segments. All in all it was a great learning experience for the young students who are just getting their driver's licenses or learner's permits. The educational program seeks to inform these young drivers of the dangers of alcohol/drug influence and how it affects reactionary time and judgement when operating a vehicle. It is a somber realization for the students on how dangerous and life-changing it can be.

Lt. Rabboh was assisted by PO Dan Brizek of the Bergenfield Police Traffic Bureau. The Bergenfield Police Department thanks the students for participating and also thanks the educational staff at the Bergenfield High School for allowing us to bring our officers to the schools to help educate the students of Bergenfield.

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