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False Report-Swatting Incident April 25 2015

False Report –Swatting Hoax – Hostage Barricaded Subject incident

On Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 11:52 p.m., officers of the Bergenfield Police Department responded to Hollywood Cleaners, 51 New Bridge Road, after a male caller reported he was inside the business and would shoot himself and two persons with him and anyone who would come near the building. The caller also indicated he had bombs strapped to the hostages.

Based on the information provided involving weapons and explosives, the call was handled as a barricaded subject incident. Officers formed a secure perimeter around the business and additional resources were requested from the Bergen County Sheriff Department for SWAT, Bomb Squad and a Crisis Negotiation Team.

Traffic in the area was detoured, however, based on the location and the hour of the incident, no surrounding businesses or residents required evacuation.

The SWAT team made entry into the building at 12:56 a.m. and conducted a thorough search of the premises for the caller and victims with negative results.

At 2:34 a.m., the SWAT team deemed the building to be safe and all resources secured from the scene. At this time the business has been turned over to the owner who had also responded to the scene.

The incident is under investigation and detectives have several leads on the origin of the call. Details will be released when more information is confirmed.

A similar “swatting” hoax incident occurred recently in Clifton. As with that incident and any hoax calls, the seriousness and danger that exists by making a false report puts not only citizens, but multiple emergency personnel responding to the call at risk of death or serious injury. This is a public safety issue and innocent people are put at risk due to “swatting” or hoax calls. The police department will aggressively pursue this investigation to hold the person or persons responsible for making this false report and will prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

Bergenfield Police were assisted at the scene by the Bergenfield Volunteer Fire Department and Bergenfield Volunteer Ambulance Corp.


Fraud Scam Information

March 2015

Fraud-Scam Emails: "Phishing"  Click here

Click this link: IRS Phone Scams for information on our blog regarding IRS Phone Scam.

This occurred right here in Bergenfield.

Residents need to be aware.

Distraction/Imposter burglary-theft Alert: Incident occurred in nearby Paramus. Be aware of these type of crimes.

Click here for article from Northjersey.com

Residents are reminded to be wary of any type of emails, letters, or phone calls from persons not known to you that involves you sending money via Western Union to other locations or addresses, especially international addresses. Scams have occurred whereby the caller or email sender will send you a check for a certain amount of money, asking you to deposit it to your own account then to Western Union monies to them based on that check. Those checks sent to you are fraudulent. You will not realize it until your bank contacts you about that check not being valid.

Other scams, one of which is being investigated presently, involve a resident accepting delivery of packages after receiving a call from a person who requested the parcels be sent to this resident. In turn, the resident would re-package the items and send them to another overseas address. In return for the favor of sending the packages the resident was promised a monetary payment. These parcels were all purchased with stolen credit card numbers.

A scam that has recently been attempted in the Bergen County area involves the "Grandparent" scam. A caller has made multiple calls to elderly victims claiming to be a grandson who has been arrested for DWI in Los Angeles and/or New York City. The scammer attempts to get the victim to wire money to bail him out of jail.

There are numerous scams, frauds and cons perpetrated each day on unsuspecting citizens. These occur here in Bergenfield too. The Bergenfield Police request residents to be aware of the frauds and to watch out for their elderly friends and neighbors too. Senior citizens are often easy targets for the scammers. Speak to your neighbors and make them aware.

Some complaints have been received regarding phone telemarketers soliciting for donations to police organizations. Many of the organizations are legitimate, but are not soliciting on behalf of the local police organizations, such as Bergenfield PBA Local 309. If in doubt contact the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs to verify whether the solicitor is registered. If you have a complaint against the solicitor, also lodge that complaint with the Division of Consumer Affairs. See link below for more information.

Websites with useful information on scams and frauds:

Click on any one of the below agencies to link to information

NJ Division of Consumer Affairs *When arriving at this site go to bottom of page to search, type the word "police." This will show the registered charitable police organizations within the State of NJ.


NABI (National Association of Bunco Investigators)


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Overnight Parking

Residents and visitors are reminded that there is NO Overnight Parking on borough streets from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m., seven days a week.

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